15 Best WordPress Themes for Writers and Authors

Best WordPress themes for writers

Writers can use a WordPress blog to not only write and publish their work online, but also to potentially sell their books. Choosing a good quality WordPress theme is essential when setting up your brand new website.

A theme used by writers and authors typically has a simplistic look and feel, without the unnecessary and distracting bells and whistles. You may also need a store attached to your blog, in which case you would need to search for a theme that, for example, is compatible with WooCommerce.

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18 Best Portfolio WordPress Themes

Best portfolio WordPress themes

Portfolio WordPress themes are a special kind of theme, because they need to serve a very specific purpose. The emphasis is often on visual aspects, and perhaps not so much on things like page speed, technical setup, and minimalist design.

I’ve had a look at a large number of portfolio based websites across a wide range of niches and industries, to identify design trends, common features and technical capabilities.

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How to Choose a Good Blog Name (+ 14 Real Examples and Ideas)

How to choose a blog name (+ examples)

One of the most important steps in starting a new WordPress blog is choosing a good blog name. Far too often, new bloggers register a domain too quickly, only to find out months or years later that their chosen blog name is not the best one.

There can be various reasons why a blog name may need to be changed down the track. Perhaps the name doesn’t reflect the niche well enough. Or maybe the name is a bit awkward, or simply too long or complicated for people to remember.

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15 Best Feminine WordPress Themes

Best feminine WordPress themes

There is still a strong market for WordPress themes that have a feminine touch. Themes that don’t just look girly, but also have a professional user interface and come with a wide range of useful features.

I’ve had a look at 100 WordPress sites with a strong feminine focus, and analyzed their themes from a technical and usability perspective. I then asked my partner to analyze these sites from a design and UX perspective.

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11 Ways to Be More Productive When Working From Home as a Blogger

How to be more productive when working from home

Working from home sounds like the ultimate dream for many of us. No boss or annoying colleagues around, no stressful commute or ugly corporate uniform. Sounds like you’ve made it right?

If working from home is your dream, you’ve still got to finance it, and that means getting some serious work done. To help you on your path, I have put together my top 11 tips to stay productive when working from home.

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How to Manually Place AdSense Ad Units in WordPress

How to manually place AdSense ad units in WordPress

Contrary to what so many bloggers think, Google AdSense can still very much be a lucrative way of monetizing a website.

While ad management companies, such as AdThrive and Mediavine, are surging in popularity, doing it yourself with AdSense can often lead to great results.

In this article I am going to explain how you can manually add AdSense ad units in your content in a proper and clean way, so you can maximize your advertising earnings.

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Should You Start a Blog? 8 Important Things to Keep in Mind

Should you start a blog?

Not too long ago, blogging was a bit like maintaining on online diary. Bloggers would write stories about their daily lives and share them with their friends and relatives.

But over the years, blogging has turned into a real industry. An industry where money is to be spent and earned.

Driven by the many inspiring stories of bloggers making money online and enjoying the digital nomad lifestyle, lots of people have tried to get a piece of that blogging pie.

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