15 Best Feminine WordPress Themes

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Last updated: May 25, 2021

There is still a strong market for WordPress themes that have a feminine touch. Themes that don’t just look girly, but also have a professional user interface and come with a wide range of useful features.

I’ve had a look at 100 WordPress sites with a strong feminine focus, and analyzed their themes from a technical and usability perspective. I then asked my partner to analyze these sites from a design and UX perspective.

This two-part analysis has resulted in the below list of 15 best feminine WordPress themes that I would recommend for your new WordPress blog.

Top 15 WordPress Themes With a Feminine Touch

One crucial criteria for making this list is that these themes need to backed by an active development team, and need to be continuously updated.

If a particular feminine WordPress theme you’ve found hasn’t been updated for a while, or isn’t supported by a reputable developer, it’s best to stay away from that theme.

1. Glamour

Glamour feminine WordPress theme

Glamour is perfect for lifestyle bloggers who want a glitzy layout for their posts. The theme has a built-in newsletter sign-up sections that you can feature at the bottom of each post or on the sidebar to increase your subscribers.

Also, the in-between post ad space option lets you embed ads in your articles to generate income from the traffic you drive.

Try Glamour

2. Lifestyle Pro

Lifestyle Pro theme

Lifestyle Pro theme promotes the adage, “simple is beautiful”. Using this magazine-style theme, you can set up your blog with just a few clicks of a button.

This is ideal for beginner WordPress bloggers who don’t yet know how to navigate the seemingly complex WordPress environment, and need a bit of a helping hand in the form of an easy to use feminine WordPress theme.

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3. Isabelle

Isabelle feminine WordPress theme

If you have lots of images on your blog and Instagram, then Isabelle is your theme. It allows you the option to feature big, eye-catching images on your blog the minute visitors land on your homepage. You can also place your Instagram feed at the bottom of the page to showcase your stunning photos.

Finally, you can create a gallery page on your blog containing images of the products you’re selling or professional photographs you have taken over the years.

Try Isabelle

4. Harper

Harper WordPress theme

Harper is one of the few all-purpose feminine WordPress themes in this list. The theme’s strength comes from the ability to customize the homepage and add widgets that you see fit with relative ease. For example, people can seamlessly integrate their Shop the Post widget on each post to present their products in a pleasing manner and increase their sales.

You can also choose from seven blog layouts and show related posts at the end of each article to deliver your content to readers in an engaging way. So, if you’re running a blog, selling products on the side, offering your services to clients, or all three at the same time, then this theme will do wonders for you.

Try Harper

5. ChicShop

ChicShop feminine WordPress theme

At last, a feminine WordPress theme for product-owned businesses!

ChicShop is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to feature their products to audiences in a flashy and trendy way. It comes with built-in About, Shop, FAQ, and Contact pages that you can edit and customize for your business.

The theme also works great with the Elementor plugin which allows you to create beautiful pages easily by dropping and dragging elements onto your editor.

Try ChicShop

6. ChicServe

ChicServe feminine WordPress theme

From the same creators of ChicShop, ChicServe has the look, feel, and features of the previous WordPress theme. But what makes ChicServe different is it is geared towards people running service-based businesses like freelance writers, social media managers, bookkeepers, and more.

There are pre-made templates like the About, Services, and Portfolio pages that you can edit and personalize. This way, the pages will match your style and help communicate your brand better to potential clients.

Regarding the Portfolio page, you can set up filters to show your work under specific categories to help your prospects find what they’re looking for much easier.

Try ChicServe

7. Foodie Pro

Foodie Pro WordPress theme

Another Genesis Framework theme, Foodie Pro should whet the appetites of every food blogger. If you love sharing recipes of your favorite dishes to readers, then there’s no better way to present them than using this theme with a feminine touch.

You can organize your recipes from the homepage starting with the latest down to the oldest. If your readers want to browse your recipes according to categories, i.e. paleo, gluten-free, etc. you can do that as well!

Foodie Pro works best with the Feast Plugin. It enhances your theme with every update. This way, you can be sure that your blog has the latest features while still has access to the old ones.

Try Foodie Pro

8. Jacqueline

Jacqueline feminine WordPress theme

A WordPress theme specifically designed for consultants, Jacqueline puts your best foot forward to prospective clients. From the homepage, you can show a carousel of your images that link to pages within your site. There’s also an opportunity for you to feature client testimonials and videos that could convert visitors into your customers.

Finally, you can make a newsletter sign-up appear on top of all your site pages. So, even if they’re not ready to hire you just yet, you can encourage them to sign up to your email list to connect with you.

Try Jacqueline

9. Charlotte

Charlotte feminine WordPress theme

Charlotte is a flexible feminine WordPress theme that works well for bloggers and website owners. The theme has a blog homepage option that shows your posts from latest to oldest. You can feature posts from specific categories if you wish.

For those transitioning from a blogger to a business owner, Charlotte allows you to change the homepage to a website layout. You can then feature FAQ, Services, and About page templates and edit them to fit your brand.

The theme also lets you create a custom Instagram page from within the site so you can showcase your images and increase your reach.

Try Charlotte

10. Captivating

Captivating WordPress theme

If blogging is your bread and butter, then Captivating will help you reach your goals and then some. Geared towards bloggers who earn from banner ads and native shopping ads, the theme lets you maximize your earnings potential.

Captivating is AdThrive tested and optimized, which means you can get approved the for AdThrive program much easier so you can enjoy the extra revenue from quality ads on your blog.

Another cool feature is that you can place an announcement bar on your blog to inform your readers about important news and updates.

Try Captivating

11. Olivie

Olivie feminine WordPress theme

Fashion bloggers need a chic and stylish feminine WordPress theme to match the beauty they strive for, something that Olivie offers in spades. What stands out with this theme is the use of white space all over its pages. It allows the elements on the page to breathe and live into the layout.

You can also change the color of the blog from the Customizer without any CSS or design knowledge. This is very helpful for the beginner blogger who simply wants to share their passion for lifestyle and fashion.

Try Olivie

12. Market

Market WordPress theme

One of the most difficult things to do as a business owner is to promote yourself against millions of people who strive to achieve the same goal as yours. With the Market theme, you can sell your product more effectively, and even share your latest blog posts for good measure.

For online stores, you can create pages for each of your products and treat your site like a marketplace. Make sales and transactions from within the site so you can make the most of your sales.

Try Market

13. Maggie

Maggie feminine WordPress theme

Another theme from Bluchic is Maggie, a feminine WordPress theme for people serious in growing their online business. This theme leverages the power of Bluchic plugins unlike anything else.

You can feature testimonials from happy customers (Bluchic Testimonial), boast your professional portfolio (Bluchic Portfolio), and show your latest blog posts (Bluchick Related Posts). You can also use the built-in 3-promo widget to push more sales to your products or grow your email list.

Try Maggie

14. Refined

Refined WordPress theme

Another WordPress theme for the empowered female entrepreneur, Refined gives your business the best chance to make a great impression on your prospects.

Using its website layout, you can strategically feature calls to action on the homepage to bring people to the place they need to be on your site. From here, you can also integrate your blog posts to help share your knowledge with visitors. You can also use your posts to convert readers into your clients.

Try Refined

15. Pippa

Pippa feminine WordPress theme

Rounding out this list of feminine WordPress themes is Pippa, a multi-purpose theme for fashionable bloggers. As a fashion blog theme, it allows you to really showcase the images on all posts in a beautiful and prominent way to emphasize the details of your fashion wear.

If you’re selling products on your site as an affiliate, you can showcase a list of recommended products for your readers to buy in a carousel format. This grabs the attention of visitors and potentially increases your conversions.

Try Pippa


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Final Thoughts

Hopefully you’ve been able to pick your favorite WordPress theme with a feminine touch from the above list. As I mentioned earlier, the most important thing is that your new theme is actively supported by a reputable WordPress theme developer.

If you’re curious to know what my personal favorite theme is (which is also the theme I use on most of my own sites), that would be GeneratePress. You can read my review of GeneratePress here.

It’s certainly not a feminine WordPress theme, but GeneratePress is very customizable, and with a bit of design effort, you could certainly create a beautiful looking site with a girly or feminine look.


15 Great feminine WordPress themes

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