How to Choose a Good Blog Name (+ 15 Real Examples and Ideas)

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Last updated: October 15, 2022

One of the most important steps in starting a new WordPress blog is choosing a good blog name. Far too often, new bloggers register a domain too quickly, only to find out months or years later that their chosen blog name is not the best one.

There can be various reasons why a blog name may need to be changed down the track. Perhaps the name doesn’t reflect the niche well enough. Or maybe the name is a bit awkward, or too long and complicated for people to remember.

I have made quite a few mistakes when choosing domains and blog names, and with the below 12 tips, I hope you can avoid making these same mistakes.

How to Come up With a Blog Name (12 Tips)

Here are 12 tips to help you be creative and find a good blog name for your very own corner of the Internet.

These tips assume that you have already decided on the niche of your new blog. All you need now is that perfect name!

1. Don’t Rush

Okay, this may be obvious for some, but seriously, don’t rush picking a blog name. The name of your blog should ideally be a permanent decision.

You should consider all the options when choosing a blog name and be 100% sure that you have found the perfect name.

Think about the potential consequences when you need to change your blog name down the track:

  • Change the domain name:
    If you change your blog name, most likely you will also need to change your domain name. Changing a domain name is very risky business as it may lead to traffic loss. This means you will need to implement all the necessary steps so that Google and other search engines still love your (new) blog as much they did your previous blog.
  • Change social media accounts:
  • Some social media channels don’t allow you to move your followers across, in which case will need to start from scratch. What if you already had 1000’s of likes on Facebook? You really don’t want to lose that social reach.

There are many more things to consider when changing domains. So trust me when I say that this is the last thing you’d want to do.

In other words, don’t rush. Take as much time as you need when choosing a creative and good blog name.

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2. Go for Short and Catchy

Go for a blog name that is short, catchy, and easy to remember and spell.

While it may not always be possible to fit all these 4 criteria, it’s important though to consider them all when going through the process of choosing a blog name.

Ultimately, you want people to be able to find you on the Internet. A short and catchy name definitely helps with that. A long and boring name simply doesn’t stick in people’s minds.

Another important reason why short is better is that your blog name is typically part of the title in your WordPress blog posts.

A typical format for a blog post title is this:

“Optimized Blog Post Title | Your Blog Name”

You can probably see the issue here. The longer the name of your blog, the less space you have to optimize the blog post title, which can negatively impact your SEO and branding efforts.

So, use your creativity to find that short and catchy blog name that sticks!

Further below are a few examples of really good blog names.

Example of a Bad Blog Name

Here’s an example of a not-so-good blog name.

Let’s say your name is John and you want to start a travel blog. You don’t want to spend too much time coming up with a name for your new blog because you want to start writing about your exciting travel adventures ASAP!

So you decide to call your new blog “John’s Exciting Travel Adventures“.

Can you see the issues here? It’s simply not a good blog name. It’s too long, it’s quite boring, it’s very generic, and it’s also very forgettable. Just no.

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3. Don’t Go Too Narrow

If you have a specific niche in mind, a mistake I often see people making is choosing a blog name that is too specific.

For example, let’s say you want to start a blog about travel in Europe. You choose a cool blog name that includes the word Europe.

But two years later, when your blog has grown, you find that Europe is too small a niche, and you desperately want to write about other destinations too. Your blog name then stops you from doing that.

Blogging frustration

So the challenge for you is to find a blog name that reflects your niche or your topic(s), and at the same time doesn’t prevent you from branching out to new (sub)niches and topics.

You will find that this is actually quite difficult, but please do have a look at the blog name examples further below in this article for insiration.

4. Think Twice About Using Your Own Name

You may also want to think twice about using your personal name in the domain. It could make sense if you’re running a sole trader business that is all about you, or if you’re a writer and you want to promote your books.

But otherwise, a catchy and memorable name for your blog may work better in the long-term than using your personal name.

5. Don’t Use Numbers or Special Characters

Numbers and special characters usually don’t belong in blog or domain names. Numbers, maybe, but only if your brand name includes a number. Special characters however, should always be avoided.

Also don’t use hyphens. They are very old-school. Hyphens are often used to make domain names better readable, or to avoid really awkward concatenated words.

Finding a new blog name

Here are a few examples of domains where hyphens could or should have been used to avoid ending up with something unintentionally awkward.

  • Dickson Web:
    Their URL used to be dicksonweb dot com. Not a good look obviously. 🙂
  • Speed of Art:
    The URL is speedofart dot com which, unfortunately, can be read in multiple ways.

While hyphens could have saved the awkwardness here, if you feel that you need to use hyphens for these reasons, it may be best to search for a new blog name.

6. Avoid Brand Names and Trademarks

You will also need to avoid using – parts of – commercial brands or trademarks in your domain because you may be violating copyrights.

For example, if you enjoy driving your new Mazda around in the city and want to blog about it, it’s probably better to use the word “car” rather than “mazda” in your domain.

In this case, ilovemynewcar dot com would work a lot better than ilovemynewmazda dot com. And not just for copyright reasons!

7. Use a Blog Name Generator or Thesaurus

There are tools and apps for everything nowadays, so it’s no surprise that there are also tools out there that can help you come up with names for your blog.

Some of these tools are actually very helpful, and can be best used as part of a brainstorming session. Here are some great examples:


Thesaurus is a great tool that helps you find synonyms for words. This is super useful when trying to come up with a new name for your blog, as it helps you to think outside the box.

Thesaurus blog name generator

Sometimes all you need is that one word or phrase that really hits the spot, and that is what a thesaurus can do for you.

Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is an excellent tool that generates a long list of name ideas based on your chosen word or words.

Lean Domain Search domain name generator
Lean Domain Search

It is based on the concept of combining two or more words together with one of the words being directly related to your blog’s purpose.


If you’re looking to include made-up words in your blog name, Wordoid is a great tool to try out.

Wordoid blog name generator

Wordoids are essentially made-up words that look unique and sound natural and are great for naming new blogs and businesses.

Wordoid is quite an intelligent naming tool, great for finding that catchy and brandable blog name.


DomainWheel is another free blog name generator that gives you instant ideas with the help of AI.

DomainWheel domain name generator

Simply add one or more keywords into the domain name finder and it will help generate your new domain. This can be any mix of letters or an actual word.

At the end of the day, using these tools also requires you to be creative. The more creative you are, the more creative the tool can be for you.

8. Ask Your Peers

You can ask your friends, colleagues and family for assistance.

You can do so in the beginning of the process, for example by organising a brainstorm session. The people around you often have the best ideas and can come up with things that you would have never thought of.

Keep a list of their ideas, you never know, perhaps the perfect name will end up on that very same list.

Setting up a new blog

You can also use your peers at the end of the process. Once you have found a good blog name and you’ve done all the checks, it’s a good idea to share this name with your friends. While you may love that new name, your friends may think differently.

And it could well be that that have valid reasons to dislike the name you’ve come up with. Reasons that you may have overlooked.

9. Choose the Right TLD

TLD stands for Top Level Domain, and currently there are more than 1,500 of them. This ever expanding list of TLD’s is maintained by IANA, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.

The .com TLD is still, by far, the most recognizable and most used TLD, followed by .org and .net. Most TLD’s serve a purpose. For example, .gov is reserved for government websites. Countries also have specific domain extensions.

The .com TLD is still, by far, the most recognizable and most used TLD, followed by .org and .net.Click to Tweet

Lots of new, trendy TLD’s are being released regularly, and while it may be fun to have a trendy TLD, it’s not always the right choice.

If you have an awesome blog name that people can remember, they may not be able to find your website if the TLD you’ve chosen is unusual.

I would personally always go for a .com TLD, unless there is a compelling reason to choose for a different one.

10. Check Domain Availability

Can you imagine life without the Internet? I can’t. The Internet has exploded in the last couple of decades, and sadly, this also means that a lot of domains are simply not available anymore. Domains are big business!

If you’ve spent a lot of time brainstorming your new blog name, only to find out that the corresponding domain name is taken, it sucks. But that’s the reality these days.

Namecheap domain registration

As soon as you have a blog name in mind, it’s best to check the domain name availability. A good place to do this is Namecheap. If your chosen domain name is not available, they will spit out alternatives with different TLD’s.

If you don’t like the alternatives, it’s back to the drawing board to find a new blog name.

11. Consider Your Long Term Blog Goals

A common mistake people make (myself included) is that they suddenly get a great new idea for a blog, do all their research as per the above tips, and then quickly register a new domain.

This is a bit like the Shiny Object Syndrome, but on a smaller scale.

What I mean by that is, it often happens that when people have that great new idea, they want to get going with it as soon as possible. This is kind of okay, but it also typically means that these ideas don’t get thought through properly.

And then you go from one idea to the next, without actually getting anywhere.

Setting up blog goals

So before you start thinking about a new blog name, you need to make sure you have a very clear understanding of the long-term goals and plans you have with your new blog.

Once you have those goals and plans clearly defined, then you can try and find a blog name that aligns well with those goals and plans.

12. Consider the Tone and Style of Your New Blog

Before you register a new domain name, you also need to think about what your style of writing is going to be like, and who your projected audience is.

Is your target audience young, and do you plan to maintain a casual and trendy style of writing?

Or are you perhaps targeting a more mature audience, like baby boomers, and are you going to write about serious topics?

Are you going to write for a female audience, or perhaps a largely male audience?

The future audience of your new blog, the topics you are going to write about, and the voice you are going to maintain, should all be considered when choosing a name for your new blog.

That blog name should ideally reflect all those things.


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15 Examples of Good Blog Names

Now that we’ve gone through the tips on finding a good blog name, let’s have a look at some practical examples of good blog names. Most, if not all, of these blog names are short, catchy, brand-able, and easy to remember and spell.

I’ve grouped these examples of blog names into different niches, starting with travel.

— Travel Blog Name Ideas —

Here are 4 great blog name ideas in the travel niche.

1. Nomadic Matt

A real trailblazer in the travel blog industry, Nomadic Matt is a very popular and well-known blog with a large following. The catchy blog name is most definitely one of the reasons why Matt’s blog is such a well-known blog.

Nomadic Matt travel blog name

It’s a super easy to remember blog name, and also a great brand name. This goes to show that a well chosen blog name really contribute to the overal growth of your website.

2. World in Paris

An excellent blog name that is both short and catchy, is World in Paris, a blog about Paris travel planning and inspiration by locals.

It’s only three short words, and it sticks, it’s funky, and as a reader I know straight away what this blog is about.

3. Nomadasaurus

The travel blog name Nomadasuarus is an excellent example of neologism done well. Nomadasuarus is an adventure travel blog, covering the planet’s best destinations and adventures.

Nomadasaurus travel blog name

Through the art of storytelling and photography, the site helps their readers explore the globe with them.

Their blog name is a unique reflection of what their site is about, and I’m loving the originality behind the name and brand.

4. Expert Vagabond

While the term vagabond doesn’t exactly sound very positive, it does reflect the idea of living outside of the rat race, which makes it a perfect term to use for a travel blog.

Matt, the blogger behind Expert Vagabond, is an adventure travel photographer and professional blogger who shares wild stories, beautiful images, and useful travel tips from around the world. His chosen blog name assumes authority in his niche.

— Personal Finance Blog Name Ideas —

Here are 4 great blog name ideas in the personal finance niche.

5. Money Saving Mom

Money Saving Mom is a blog about saving and managing money for families.

Money Saving Mom finance blog name

Over the years the site has grown into a popular online resource with lots of tips, coupons, deals and informative blog posts.

Whilst the name Money Saving Mom is quite a simple name, it is also a very clever and catchy name that incorporates both money and family.

6. The Penny Hoarder

The blog name The Penny Hoarder is the perfect example of a clever website name with a humurous touch.

We all know what the term hoarder means, and to use that term in combination with the word penny is not only smart, it also results in a very catchy brand name.

7. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income was once a real trendsetter in the field of online marketing and niche websites. Over the years, he and his blog have grown so much that both Pat Flynn and Smart Passive Income are huge brands.

Smart Passive Income finance blog name

The blog name Smart Passive Income is short and to the point, and it encapsulates a lot of things. It’s about smart ways to create online businesses that are able to generate a long-term passive income.

8. NerdWallet

NerdWallet is not only one of the largest and most influencial personal finance blogs in the world, it arguably also has perhaps the best domain name one can ever think of.

It’s not really a blog of course, instead it’s a personal finance company, and the name has undoubtedly contributed to its success and popularity.

— Food and Nutrition Blog Name Ideas —

Here are 4 great blog name ideas in the food and nutrition niche.

9. Budget Bytes

Another blog name I absolutely love is Budget Bytes. It’s a recipe blog evolving around food that doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive.

Budget Bytes food blog name

Only two words, it’s super catchy, very easy to remember, it sounds great, and it captures the essence of what the blog is about.

10. Nutriciously

This one is a bit different in the sense that the name is not a real word; it’s essentially a mix of the words nutritious and delicious. But Nutriciously is a funky word, that is both brandable as well as memorable.

This blog is about plant-based eating and healthy living, and personally I believe that the blog name is a good reflection of the topic and niche the blog owners have chosen.

11. RecipeTin Eats

Nagi, the food blogger behind RecipeTin Eats, created her blog as a way to express her philosophy on food and cooking, which is fast, creative, clever and fresh.

RecipeTin Eats food blog name

Her chosen blog name is not only a great choice to reflect that philosophy, it’s also a name that is easy to remember and easy to turn into a reconizable brand.

12. Nutrition Advance

Only two words and perhaps not very glamorous, but Nutrition Advance is a name that sticks and explains exactly what the blog is about.

Nutrition Advance publishes food, nutrition and health related articles based on facts and evidence. The site aims to provide trustworthy, balanced, and reliable information, and the name reflects that.

— Fitness Blog Name Ideas —

Here are 2 great blog name ideas in the fitness niche.

13. Nerd Fitness

If you’ve ever searched for information about fitness, losing weight, and exercise routines, chances are you’ve come across Nerd Fitness.

Nerd Fitness blog name

It’s a hugely popular fitness blog with an incredibly catchy and memorable name. The blog name Nerd Fitness says exactly what the site is essentially about.

Offering easy to digest fitness content to “nerds”, or otherwise people who aren’t natural athletes but want to stay or become fit.

14. Breaking Muscle

No pain, no gain, that is how I interpret the blog name Breaking Muscle. When I see that name, I would expect to find nothing else than quality information around the topics exercise and fitness.

And that is indeed exactly what Breaking Muscle is about, and the name is not only a great fit for the blog, it’s also a very strong brand name.

15. Daily Burn

Daily Burn is a fitness website that offers tailored workout programs for individuals choosing to sign up. The website also has a huge blog section with excellent fitness related resources.

Daily Burn blog name

The name Daily Burn is short, it’s to-the-point, it’s memorable, and above all, it’s a super brandable name.

Admittedly, available blog names like that are almost impossible to find these days, which is why you need to try and think outside the box, using some of the tools I mentioned further above.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve made it all the way to the end of this post, then you will know that choosing a good blog name is by far the most important step in setting up a brand new blog.

Take your time, be creative, do all the checks and validations, ask your peers, and you should be alright. Once your blog name is finalized, it’s time to get to work and start blogging.

Also make sure you use all the right WordPress blogging tools to make your blogging life as easy as possible.

Good luck, and have fun blogging!


How to choose a good blog name

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  1. I am Canadian and wondering about the dot ca instead of dot com. Is dot com still better in my situation? Loved and saved the article.

    • Hi Dani, good question.

      If your goal is to target a Canadian audience with your new website, it might be better to choose a dot ca domain. However, if you’re targeting an international audience, I would go for a dot com domain.

      These are not hard rules, though. A dot ca website can certainly attract traffic in the USA, similar to how a dot com website can attract a Canadian audience.

  2. Hey, AJ!

    Great post and super insightful, thank you. I am about to start a personal development blog and had already registered my domain before stumbling on this post. I registered a .me (bestlyf dot me).

    What do you think?

    • Hi Amami,

      Congrats on starting a blog. I think a .me domain can work really well for a personal development blog, and I see them popping up more and more.

      Now it’s time to publish content and stick with it. Good luck!

  3. I wanted to start my travel blog and did not know how to name it. I read the details about the 15 blogs names and how others have created the names and got the best idea for naming my blog from your suggestions. Thanks a lot.

  4. Great helpful post. My biggest issue coming up with a name is a feel like my blog will be about multiple things. Mostly motherhood but in all reality just sharing my life in general which makes it hard to narrow down a good name.

    • Thanks Amber, and yes that’s a problem a lot of new bloggers deal with. The challenge is to come up with a blog name that matches your niche but also doesn’t prevent you from branching out in the future once the blog starts growing.

    • Wondering what you decided.

      I have had a blog for years, Sew Lyrically Vintage. Middle ager when I began NOW I am a senior citizen. Thinking I may need to change the blog name as it has nothing to do with my life now.

      Not necessarily looking for thousands of followers so less stress on me. Will probably end up leaving the name alone.

  5. Hi, I am a student and I want to start a blog on natural health tips. I have been thinking about what name to give my blog and I settled with: “savvynaturalhealth”

    I would like to know if it’s okay, thanks.

    • Hi May,

      Ultimately this is a personal choice of course, but I would never use my own name as the blog name, unless the blog really is mainly about me.

  6. Hi there,

    I would like to start 2 blogs, one on meeting sustainably and the other as travel blog. What advice would you have for me (as part-time blogger)?

    Regarding the domain name of the event blog, I cannot find my wished name. To illustrate, I wanted to use “meetgreen” forced to use alternative. What do you think about “gomeetgreen” or “trymeetgreen”? I’m worried “go” would be too bossy and “try” not strong enough.

    Looking forward to your input.

  7. Hi, I’ve never blogged before and want to start one for my recovery of the loss of husband and becoming a single mother over night. So any ideas on a good name for this journey I’m about to take on to help myself and others?
    And tips will appreciate it.
    Thanks ❤️

    • Hi Laura, sorry for your loss, and what a great idea to start a blog to document your journey.
      It’s a challenge to find a good name for such a blog and would require a bit of brainstorming and asking feedback from friends and relatives.
      I would try and keep the blog name short with two or three words, a name that stands out and is easy to remember, and at the same time a name that also reflects the unique journey that is ahead of you.
      Not an easy task, so I would recommend to take your time until you have a blog name that you’re 100% happy with.
      Good luck!

  8. Thank you for the post AJ. I got some good blog niche ideas, I want to blog about computer assembly, spares, reviews about desktops etc. Does it have to be that the name should reflect hardware or spares or any general name would do and later can I monetize it?

    • Hi Kurian, your blog name doesn’t necessarily need to reflect or contain words like hardware or computer, but it could certainly help. I would think long and hard about a really good, catchy, brandable name that reflects your chosen niche, but avoid using generic words alone.

  9. Hey, thanks for the post. I have a query, actually a dilemma. I started a travel blog a while back with the name “The Unknown Trails”.
    I choose this blog name because I am really attracted to offbeat and less traveled places, basically I love exploring unknown trails. And now I am a full time traveler and I don’t always travel to unknown places, sometimes I end up in touristy places as well. If I write about famous or more traveled places on my blog, will it be way too out of the context? At the end of the day I want to share as much information as possible. Could you guide me on this? Thank you 🙂

    • Good question, Shivani.
      Personally I think that blog name is fine, as long as you keep the majority of your content focused on less traveled places.

  10. Hi, I am wanting to start a blog but am not quite sure of its content yet. I do have a domain name, my Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn is the same name and my Facebook points there as well (Cowgirl Travel). However, I want to use my blog to attract women my age (50 something, single empty nesters) and talk about life in that space, and ultimately they (hopefully) will become customers as well. I’m just not sure if I need a personal blog for that or if it makes sense to do it all under Cowgirl Travel. I WILL talk about travel, of course, but also about dealing with life in your mid 50s… Any suggestions/feedback you can give me? TIA!

    • Hey Terri,

      If I were you I would put all that content in the same website. You’ve chosen a very brandable name that sticks, and managing two websites is not always ideal.

      Good luck!

  11. Hiya AJ, thanks for a really helpful post. I’ve been mulling over blog names for a while. I would like to create a blog about my experiences as an American expat in the UK, with helpful info for others looking to do the same. I also want to expand it to include more about my philosophy on living in small spaces, travel, gratitude, etc.

    I’ve struggled to find a name that encompasses all of your suggestions (short, catchy, memorable, easy to spell) that might also give the reader an idea of what it’s about. I think I’ve settled on “luckyheather”. My name is Heather, but also, heather is prevalent in the UK and white heather, in particular, is considered lucky.

    You’ve given great advice to others, so keen to hear what you think. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Heather, I personally think that would a great name for a blog, meets all the criteria. You would need to check though if the domain name is still available, and if there is no registered business name attached to it. Good luck!

  12. Thanks for the post! What if I’ve named my blog but there are many other blogs out there that have a very similar name with different variations of the words? Is this a bad thing?

    • Hi Shannon, that really depends. If you’re using a mix of generic words (such as kitchen, food, cars) then it’s unavoidable that there will be other sites with similar names. However, if your blog name is very similar to blogs with strong branding, then you may want to consider looking for a different name. Hope that makes sense!

  13. Good blog post, though I would Like to add a small tip which I learned on Wpblog that it’s better to use domain names which have a .com, because such domain names get better resale value compared to blog domain names which don’t have such domain.

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