How to Share a Tweet on Facebook

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Last updated: May 24, 2021

Ever wanted to share a Tweet on your Facebook timeline or on your Facebook page, and you couldn’t work out how to do it?

One would be forgiven for thinking that this is an easy thing to do, but it’s actually not as straightforward as it may sound.

Before you read on, this article is NOT about auto-posting from Twitter to Facebook by connecting your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Instead, the below steps describe the manual process of sharing a Tweet on Facebook.

That’s right, manually, No funky automation tricks here unfortunately. Because who would want Twitter to auto-share everything on Facebook anyway? They are two very different platforms, so there is no point auto-sharing between the two.

Sharing a Tweet on Facebook – Step by Step

But sometimes you do want to share a Tweet – yours or someone else’s – with your Facebook friends or your Facebook page followers, because of the sheer awesomeness of that particular Tweet.

Here’s how to do it in 3 simple steps!

1: Get the Direct Link to a Tweet

The first step is most likely what most people are struggling with: how to actually get the direct link to a tweet.

Well, it’s actually quite easy. Check out the below screenshot of a Tweet by SEMrush:

Embed link to Tweet

When you click on the dots in the top right corner, a list appears with various options. If you happen to be logged in, you will see more options than when you’re not logged in.

The option you need to select is the Embed Tweet option.

Click on that option and Twitter takes you to a new screen where you can copy the link to the Tweet.

In that screen, you will need to scroll up to find that link:

Copy link to Tweet

Simply select that link and copy it.

You can ignore the section with the code further below in that screen, which is only needed if you want to embed the Tweet in your website or app.

Important note:
If you’re using the Twitter app on your phone, grabbing a link to a Tweet works a bit differently.

First, you need to select the Tweet you wish to share on Facebook.

Below that Tweet you will see various options. To copy the link to the Tweet, you have to select the option on the right:

Copy link to Tweet on Twitter app

This pops up a list of sharing options, and to copy the actual link all you need to do is click the Copy Link option.

2: Create a New Facebook Post and Paste the Tweet Link

Now all you have to do is go to Facebook, create a new Post, and paste the link in the draft dialog box, like this:

Create new Facebook post with link to Tweet

As you can see, Facebook will immediately pull all the information related to the Tweet from Twitter and display it in the preview box.

3: Add Your Own Thoughts and Publish

The last step is the easiest one: publish!

But before you do that though, it’s good practice to add your own thoughts to the post. Simply sharing a link is a bit boring, you really want to add your own commentary to keep your Facebook followers engaged.

Share Tweet on Facebook

You can now also remove the actual link from the post if you want to, because Facebook has already picked up all the details it needs.

And that’s it, this is how you can easily share a Tweet on Facebook!


How to share a Tweet on Facebook

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  1. So how can I download the link so I can email it to my non-facebook friends? The video is now on FB but I am unable to download from FB.

    • Janet, you can simply right click on the video and copy the URL. Share that URL with your friends and they should be able to watch the video without being logged into Facebook.

  2. On Twitter on my desktop, there is no longer a “copy link to tweet” option. The first selection is Embed and then there’s links to follow, mute and block.

    • Hi Jennifer, when you’re logged into Twitter on desktop, the user interface is a bit different. In that case, you can select the Embed option, which will give you the direct link to the Tweet. I’ve updated the article to cover that scenario. Thanks for commenting!

    • Hi Kris, on the next page, after clicking “embed tweet”, scroll to the top. That’s where the direct link is. Simply copy that, and you’re good to go. You can ignore all the HTML code further below in that page.

      • Thanks, this was what I needed. Maybe the original post could also be edited to include this? I just kept pasting the gibberish code and was so frustrated!

  3. This is exactly what I was looking for. It was so clear and well-written, and made my heart leap a little bit at the words, “Because who would want Twitter to auto-share everything on Facebook anyway?”


    Well done. Thanks for the great work.

  4. I tried it and it goes up in my share box. My question is does the photo open after it has been shared? Mine came up with the boring grey background and a link code. I thought mmmm, maybe after it is sent the picture I want to share will be displayed. I was going to try it and see what happened but thought I’d ask you instead. Because it’s the pic I actually often want to share with the story. How can I do that is it the same?

    • You’re right, it seems Twitter has removed that option. However, when you choose the “Embed Tweet” option, you can copy the link at the top of the next screen, and use that link to share the tweet on Facebook. I’ll try and update the article soon.

  5. My iPhone was updated during the night two days ago. I’ve had problems ever since.

    In trying to follow your instructions, there is no longer an “embed option” and I can’t copy the link as you said to.

    I use to send it to my email, and copy it that way. The link no longer comes up on there either.

    Any suggestions?
    Thank you

    • Hi Rhonda, if you’re using the app on your phone, first select the Tweet you wish to share, and then click on the option on the right below the Tweet. This will give you a few sharing options, where you need to click the Copy Link option.

  6. Hi AJ,
    I tried both ways but when I paste it on Facebook nothing happens. It doesn’t populate in the box, just sits in the dialog box. This is a video so don’t know if it’s too large of a file.

  7. I can copy the link and paste into Facebook, but then it just shows a big picture of the person who posted it, instead of showing what the Tweet says. If I then click “Hide Thumbnail” all that remains is a link, instead of a picture of the Tweet. I could just paste the image of the Tweet, but I want people to be able to click on it and go to the person’s Twitter.

    • Hi Sarah, if you share a Tweet link on Facebook, it will always be a clickable post, assuming it’s a valid public link. You may not immediately see all the correct data and images in the preview box, but once you publish then people will be able to click through.

  8. How would I (or can I) post a link to a video tweet on Facebook, and have a proper video preview show up? All I get when I try this is a useless preview of the Twitter poster’s avatar, and the title of the video, but nothing that even shows a still frame from the video.

    • Hi Kerry, I don’t think you have much control over that, as Facebook simply picks up the meta data from the link you’re trying to share.

    • This is what I find as well. It sucks because you want the thumbnail for the video to show up in the preview, not the author’s photo. People are less likely to click on a photo of the Tweet’s author.

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