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Learn how to generate consistent long-term organic traffic to your website by doing effective keyword research based on competitor analysis.

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Keyword Research Made Easy

Why Do You Need This eBook?


Have you been blogging for several years, but Google just isn't showing you much love, no matter how much content you publish?


Are you getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest, but for some reason organic search traffic is lacking, and you really want to start diversifying?


Are you a new blogger and you want to start generating organic traffic, and slowly but surely build up authority in your niche?

Why Is Keyword Research Important?

When I first started out with blogging and affiliate marketing, I thought I had a reasonable understanding of the concept of keywords. But actually, I didn't.

  • I didn't quite understand the importance of relevance, so I was pumping in content everyday around every possible keyword I could find.
  • I didn't quite understand the importance of keyword competitiveness, so I was going for huge keywords that I would never ever be able to rank for.
  • I didn't quite understand the importance of site structure in relation to keywords and topics, so I ended up with a site that had tons of irrelevant content, with no structure, and zero authority.

Does the above sound familiar?

After one full year of not getting anywhere, I decided to just stop, take a step back, and analyze why my site wasn't generating any organic traffic.

And then I decided to start over again. With a brand new site, on a brand new domain. But this time, rather than churning out as many random articles as possible, I was going to stick to a clear site structure, find suitable keywords, and publish relevant content that not only Google would love, but also my future readers.

And it worked...

Six months and 20 articles later, I was at 600 organic page views per day. Another six months later, the site was attracting almost 2,000 page views per day. All from Google.

I was getting better results, by doing less...

The strategy that I had developed has allowed me to build up a portfolio of websites that all follow the same formula. Publish highly targeted, relevant articles based on keywords that these sites can rank for.

And then you get these beautiful graphs in Google Search Console, that show strong and consistent organic growth:

GSC graph organic growth site 1
GSC graph organic growth site 2

I've had my blog for 5 years but never really understood which keywords to target. I wish I had access to AJ's eBook when I started, because it has completely changed my approach to blogging.


Travel Blogger

Pinterest has always been my best friend, but focusing only on one traffic source is not a good idea. Keyword Research Made Easy has solved that problem for me. I now know how to stop wasting time and start publishing content that both my readers and Google love.

Food Blogger

A big thumbs up from me. Keyword research finally makes sense now, and I can even say that I enjoy it!

Food blogger

Keyword Research Made Easy - What Do You Get?

The purpose of my eBook is to help you generate consistent and long-term Google Search traffic by doing effecting keyword research based on competitor analysis.

The book outlines a proven strategy to find the right keywords for your blog that will help you publish relevant and targeted content your readers and Google will love, so you can stop wasting time publishing content nobody gets to read.

With easy to follow step-by-step examples, you will be able to easily adopt this strategy and apply the techniques to your own website.

Note that I use Semrush to illustrate the concepts and techniques in the book, but you can also use a cheaper tool, such as Keysearch, or a free tool, such as Ubersuggest, to apply the various techniques.

  • 57-page PDF eBook
  • A clear and concise strategy to get better results by doing less
  • Easy to follow, step-by-step examples

No fluff. No BS. Just to-the-point, effective keyword research that will save you tons of time, with consistent long-term results.

Keyword Research Made Easy ebook

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