18 Best Portfolio WordPress Themes

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Last updated: May 25, 2021

Portfolio WordPress themes are a special kind of theme, because they need to serve a very specific purpose. The emphasis is often on visual aspects, and perhaps not so much on things like page speed, technical setup, and minimalist design.

I’ve had a look at a large number of portfolio based websites across a wide range of niches and industries, to identify design trends, common features and technical capabilities.

Based on that research I have selected a list of 18 WordPress themes that I think are of high quality, and are suitable for those wanting to showcase their portfolios.

Top 18 WordPress Themes for Portfolio Websites

It’s important to point out that when selecting a suitable portfolio WordPress theme, you need to make sure that this theme is backed by an active and reputable developer.

You will also need to make sure that the theme has been updated in recent time. You can easily check this in the theme details page, which typically shows when the theme was last updated.

Also note that I make a special recommendation at the end of this article for you.

1. Pretty Creative Pro

Pretty Creative Pro WordPress theme

The Pretty Creative Pro theme is powered by the extremely reliable and proven Genesis WordPress Framework. As the name of the theme suggest, the Pretty Creative Pro theme is specifically suitable for creative people that want to showcase their work in a polished way.

The theme accommodates large featured images that display in black and white but turn into full color when you hover over them with your mouse, creating a nice artistic effect. The portfolio section can hold an infinite amount of items, and can be sorted by category.

Try Pretty Creative

2. Oxer

Oxer portfolio WordPress theme

If simplicity is all you desire, then you need to look no further. Oxer is possibly one of the best minimalist portfolio WordPress themes out there.

Oxer’s strengths go beyond its clean design though. It has a drag-and-drop builder that lets you customize your page with ease. It also comes with access to premium plugins, something you would normally have to pay upwards of $100 to use. These plugins are useful and add more functionality to your website.

Also, thanks to its minimalist aesthetic, images really pop out of every page, making this theme particularly suitable for product photographers.

Try Oxer

3. Business Pro

Busines Pro WordPress theme

Despite the name of this theme, Business Pro is not only suitable for agencies and digital businesses, it can also be used by freelancers and artistic individuals.

The theme customizer of Business Pro allows you to easily tweak your site’s settings, main colors, and content layout options. Plus, if you’d like to set up your online store, you can do so, as the theme is WooCommerce ready.

Business Pro runs on the Genesis Framework, so you can rest assured that you’re running a WordPress portfolio theme that is reliable and actively supported and enhanced.

Try Business

4. Bateaux

Bateaux portfolio WordPress theme

Bateaux is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with 25 homepage designs to choose from. One of the main highlights of this theme is its inclusion of Blueprint, a fast and light page builder. This gives you the ability to make changes to your design and see the results in real-time.

Most of the templates offered make use of a large image background. For example, if you want to use a hero image of yourself while at work, you will be able to do so.

Try Bateaux

5. Maker Pro

Maker Pro WordPress theme

Maker Pro is the third theme in this list of portfolio WordPress themes that is powered by the Genesis Framework. The concept behind Maker Pro is that it focuses on readability and usability, allowing you to put the emphasis on your ideas and creations.

The portfolio section within the Maker Pro theme presents your recent work in a nicely organized and neat looking layout with the help of the Genesis Portfolio pro plugin.

Try Maker

6. Helion

Helion portfolio WordPress theme

Helion is a great choice if you plan on publishing blog posts on your portfolio.

Not only does this theme come with various different templates suitable for different niches, it also has multiple blog variations. That means you would have the option to post photos, videos, quotes, image galleries, audio, and more, no matter which template you use.

And if images are your main focus, you can rest assured that Helions adaptive images feature will load your photos in the appropriate size no matter what device your visitors are using.

Try Helion

7. Vavo

Vavo WordPress theme

If user experience is a top priority for you, then this creative-centric WordPress theme is a fantastic theme option, as Vavo puts a lot of emphasis on audience interaction.

The theme comes with a typography manager so you can select a font that fits the aesthetic you want. You can also add custom fonts or use Google Fonts or Adobe Typekit. This is important since most of Vavos available templates use typography as the main design element. You can even change the mouse cursor animation to make the user experience feel more interactive.

Try Vavo

8. Arlo

Arlo WordPress theme

Arlo is a portfolio theme with WooCommerce integration. That means that if you plan on launching an online shop in the future, this plugin can accommodate for that. This is the reason why this theme works well for freelancers, startups, and small companies and agencies. The theme is a great way to showcase products and services.

Because Arlo is compatible with Elementor, you can design pages without having any coding experience. And for those with a preference for dark mode, you have the option of enabling that feature on your site.

Try Arlo

9. Kalium

Kalium portfolio WordPress theme

Built for the true professional, Kalium is a WordPress theme that lets you promote your works in more than 16 languages, including German, Spanish, French, Finnish, and Italian.

More importantly, Kalium has over 30 portfolio types. And since the pages are modular, you can stylize them to make your pages unique. You even get to control image alignment, spacing, and text options.

It even comes with a number of hover effects to add that makes pages feel modern. If you appreciate fresh designs with none of the fluff, Kalium is worth checking out.

Try Kalium

10. Ohio

Ohio WordPress theme

Ohio is a vibrant and beautiful portfolio WordPress theme. It’s perfect for marketers who really want to make a solid impression. The theme’s many animation features will not only keep users engaged, but they will also make complex information much easier to digest.

There are different templates that cater to all kinds of niches. And, of course, there are also templates made for those who would like to build a strong portfolio.

If your main goal is to stand out from the competition, you should definitely consider using Ohio as your new WordPress theme.

Try Ohio

11. Adios

Adios WordPress theme

Adios is a graphic designer’s ideal WordPress template. With less focus on text and more on images, you can really highlight your sample works.

Thanks to its image-focused template designs, users will be captivated by your images. For the same reason, this theme would also be good for product photographers who would like to showcase their skills.

As an added bonus, Adios templates are designed to be SEO-friendly and have fast load times. It also has a case study page that you can use to attract potential clients.

Try Adios

12. RyanCV

RyanCV WordPress theme

RyanCV delivers on providing developers, programmers, and freelancers a more traditional resume aesthetic.

Unlike some of the other themes in this list, RyanCV is direct to the point. The main page is dedicated to showing your basic information. And if users want to learn more about you, they can access additional information through tabs in the sidebar.

You can add blog posts, or even an online shop if you would like. If all you’re looking for is a straight-up online resume, you really can’t go wrong with RyanCV.

Try RyanCV

13. Norebro

Norebro portfolio WordPress theme

Interior designers and restaurant owners would appreciate the template designs that come with the Norebro WordPress theme. Norebro templates let stunning images fly and take center stage. The modern look and feel really makes for a pleasant browsing experience.

There are over 20 portfolio layouts that present content in list format, which is an efficient way of enumerating your different achievements. There’s ample space for text, so you have room to leave project details and other data that potential employers might find useful.

Also worth mentioning is that you can adjust the templates thanks to the premium page builder that is included.

Try Norebro

14. The Forester

The Forester WordPress theme

A simple website with parallax scrolling (where image backgrounds move slowly as you scroll); that is essentially The Forester portfolio theme in a nutshell.

The nice thing about The Forester’s design is that basically anyone can use it, regardless of what industry they’re in. This makes it a flexible theme that anyone can work with.

The grid system that this theme uses means you can virtually create an unlimited number of page structures. And because it’s a responsive theme, it would still load on mobile devices with no issue.

Try The Forester

15. ART Portfolio

ART portfolio WordPress theme

As the name suggests, Art Portfolio is best utilized by digital artists. Its sleek design barely contains any text, and instead, images pop up as users scroll down. You can compare it to an online gallery where people can examine artworks at their own leisurely pace.

If you want to share your artistic creations with the world, Art Portfolio is a great theme for that purpose. There are over 30 templates to choose from, and each one is just as good as the next.

Try Art

16. Prague

Prague WordPress theme

Prague is a template that targets interior designers, architects, and freelancers in the construction niche. This portfolio theme has 29 homepages that were purpose-built to feature homes and commercial buildings.

And you can present these projects in different ways. You could have a slideshow on your homepage, for example. Or if you want, you can post pictures of homes in tile format. But no matter how you choose to present your images, the pleasant user experience will leave your audience wanting more.

Try Prague

17. Oshine

Oshine portfolio WordPress theme

Oshine has the portfolio template for every kind of professional out there. Whether you’re an architect, a freelancer, a designer, or videographer; there’s a template waiting for you. That said, some of the templates could also be used to promote wedding photography and similar services.

Like some of the portfolio WordPress themes in this list, Oshine has a page builder, so you can edit your page based on your needs. The different modules available make it possible to add elements like Google Maps, animated numbers, notifications, and more.

Try Oshine

18. Pofo

Pofo WordPress theme

Rounding up this list of portfolio themes is Pofo. One look at the templates and it’s immediately clear that this WordPress theme has agencies and businesses in mind.

Pofo templates are good because they just work. They have features that let your content speak for itself. They have a modern look that you can customize through the various elements available.

The different layouts make it easy to adapt the template to whatever industry you’re in. And if you only wish to have a single page, there are templates for that setup as well.

Try Pofo


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Final Thoughts

Hopefully the above list of portfolio WordPress themes contains enough ideas for you to pick your favorite.

A theme that fits your personal needs, because everyone is different, and everyone has different ideas, expectations and business needs.

Consider Generatepress for Your Portfolio Site

I do want to mention one more WordPress theme, and that is the theme I use for most of my own sites. This theme is GeneratePress, a lightweight free WordPress theme that you can extend with a Premium plugin (check out my GeneratePress review).

GeneratePress has lots of benefits, but one of the pros of selecting GeneratePress as your new theme is that you can choose a pre-made template from a large library of sites. And some of these templates are very suitable for portfolio driven websites.

You can check out that GeneratePress site library here, and see if you can find one that you like. I personally think that the Agency, Niche and Abstract templates are great for Portfolio sites.


18 Great portfolio WordPress themes

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