How to Remove Followers on Instagram

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Last updated: May 24, 2021

Removing followers on Instagram is actually surprisingly easy, yet lots of Instagram users don’t know this is even possible.

Bur before I explain how to do this, let’s go through a few reasons why you would want to remove followers.

4 Reasons to Remove Followers

Most Instagram users would like to have as many followers as possible. But sometimes removing accounts from your list of Instagram followers is a good decision.

Here’s why.

1. You Have Too Many Ghost Followers

Your list of followers on Instagram may be overpopulated with ghost followers.

Ghost followers are basically inactive Instagram accounts. They were either created by bots, or they were created by individuals who have since abandoned their accounts and are not active anymore.

Having a lot of these ghost accounts can bring your engagement stats down significantly which can negatively impact the credibility and value of your own Instagram account.

2. You Bought Followers in the Past

Okay, so you were a bit naive when you opened your first Instagram account many years ago, and you really wanted to up your followers count as quickly as possible.

You came across this incredible offer you just couldn’t refuse, and you bought a whole bunch of followers. Boom, suddenly you had a good looking followers count, something you could be proud of.

There was only one problem. Nobody was engaging with your content. So you had a lot of followers, but nobody cared about the stuff your were posting.

A lot of these purchased followers from back in the day are also considered ghost followers, and they should ideally be removed because they don’t add value.

3. You’ve Been Playing the Follow Unfollow Game Too Hard

The infamous follow unfollow Instagram trick is still very much alive today.

I’m sure you know the drill: just follow random accounts, wait til they follow you back, and then unfollow them a few days later.


Sadly, this trick actually does work. But just like with ghost followers and purchased followers, the followers you gain from the Instagram follow unfollow strategy aren’t the best followers.

Ultimately, a lot of them simply don’t care about your content, and they don’t engage with you. It’s wasted energy.

4. You Want to Disconnect from Certain People

Sometimes you just want to disconnect from certain people on social media. Family members, ex-partners, annoying bosses, nosy colleagues, you name it.

It’s okay to remove these people from your list of followers if it makes you feel better. After all, it’s YOUR Instagram account.

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How to Remove Instagram Followers (3 Steps)

Here we go, follow these 3 simple steps to delete followers on Instagram. Note that this can only be done via the Instagram app on your phone.

1. Navigate to Your List of Followers

Go to your Instagram profile page and click on your followers count at the top. This will list all Instagram accounts that are following you right now.

Removing Instagram followers step 1

From there, you can search for a specific follower that you want to remove, or you can simply start scrolling if the list is not too long.

2. Click the Three Dots

Once you’ve located the Instagram follower you wish to remove, click on the three little dots next to the profile name on the right side of the screen.

Removing Instagram followers step 2

This action will display a dialogue box.

3. Confirm the Remove Action

In that dialogue box, you have two options. You can remove the follower or simply cancel this action and go back to your list.

Removing Instagram followers step 3

Click on Remove to permanently delete that specific follower from your list of followers. This removed account will not be notified that you have removed them from your list of followers.

That’s it!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this article has given the answer you were looking for. It’s certainly not difficult to remove followers from Instagram, you just need to know how.

What’s perhaps even more important is the reasons why anyone would want to delete followers. Ideally an Instagram user should never have to delete anyone, and the best way to avoid having to resort to that is by growing your Instagram account organically.

managing your Instagram account in an effective and ethical manner will always get you the best results.


How to remove Instagram followers

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