How to Redirect Author Link to The About Page (The Proper Way)

How to change author archives URL to about page

Lots of WordPress bloggers recently have been asking how to redirect their author archives link to their about page.

By default, a blog post author link will point to the author archives page, which doesn’t add much value to the reader when there’s only one author on the site.

There are several ways to have the author link redirect to the about page, but in this article I will be sharing the best, the cleanest and the most efficient way to implement this functional change.

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How to Manually Add Review Schema Markup to a Review Article

How to add review schema markup

When you publish reviews of products on your website, it’s crucial to also include structured data markup along with the reviews.

Google will use that schema markup to reward you with the Review Snippet in the search results, which will greatly increase the CTR to your site.

You can either use a WordPress plugin to add that structured data to your content, or you can do it manually. This article explains the manual way, which is my preference.

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SEO Case Study: From 0 to 3 Million Page Views with Minimal Effort

SEO case study: from 0 to 3M page views

This week was special. My favorite website in my portfolio of web properties reached 3 million page views.

A great milestone that I only randomly noticed approaching by going through my Google Analytics on a rainy Wednesday afternoon.

What’s even better is that the site managed to achieve this in less than 4 years with only 110 blog posts published. This website is now generating a pleasant near-mid 4 figure income each month with minimal ongoing maintenance.

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Is a Jump to Recipe Button Good for SEO?

Jump to recipe button and SEO

If you’re a food blogger, most likely you will be familiar with the jump-to-recipe button. And you may also know that this little button is often the cause of heated debates.

These debates evolve around SEO and advertising revenue. Some say you should never use that button, as it negatively impacts ad revenue. Others say that there are SEO benefits in having that button at the top of your recipe articles.

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When Should You Make Links Nofollow?

Nofollow links
Learn what nofollow links are and when you should (and should not) mark outbound links as nofollow.

Links, either internal or outbound, can be marked as dofollow or nofollow. A dofollow link is the default. It’s just a normal link. No attribute is required to make a link follow.

A no-follow link is the alternative. By making a link nofollow, you’re basically telling Google that this particular link should not be be given any credit in regards to rankings in search results.

So when should you make an outbound link nofollow? Let’s find out.

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Why Publishing Long-Form Content Is Often Bad Practice

Long form content is not always good

You’ve probably heard it a million times before. Write long-form content if you want that content to rank!

I call bullsh#t.

If someone tells you to always publish long-form content, without any further explanation or context, then that is very poor advice.

I know many may not agree with me, but please read on to find out why I think publishing long-form content is actually, in many cases, bad practice.

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3 Simple Ways to Get Quality Backlinks

Three ways to get quality backlinks

Most of us bloggers and Internet marketers will know that backlinks are one of the major organic ranking factors. But we also dislike building links. At least, I do.

And that’s perfectly fine. If you just focus on publishing quality content, your site will rank eventually. It may take a bit longer, but good things will happen to those who are perseverant and patient.

But creating a few quality backlinks along the way will certainly help to speed things up a little. And if the process of creating these quality backlinks isn’t super complicated, then time spent on getting these links is time well spent.

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Why You Should Not Use WordPress Tags

WordPress Tags and SEO

WordPress Tags, some love them and others strongly dislike them. Personally, I never use tags. When I started blogging though, I used to create multiple, random tags each time I published a new blog post. And as I got older and wiser, I’ve learnt to step away from using WordPress tags.

And I’m not the only one. Slowly but surely, bloggers and Internet marketers are coming to the conclusion that tags are a bit out of fashion and don’t serve much purpose anymore. And there are certainly no SEO benefits either.

It’s interesting though, because when you start a brand new WordPress blog, one of the first things you’ll come across is the concept of Categories and Tags. They both are a cornerstone feature within WordPress. So why is it that WordPress Tags have lost so much ground?

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