15 Best WordPress Themes for Writers and Authors

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Last updated: July 25, 2021

Writers can use a WordPress blog to not only write and publish their work online, but also to potentially sell their books. Choosing a good quality WordPress theme is essential when setting up your new website as a professional writer or author.

A theme used by writers and authors typically has a simplistic look and feel, without the unnecessary and distracting bells and whistles. You may also need a store attached to your blog, in which case you would need to search for a theme that is compatible with, for example, WooCommerce.

When looking for a suitable WordPress theme that fits your needs as a writer, it’s important to also consider the developer and the history of theme updates. A theme that was developed a long time ago and that hasn’t been updated for a while is a red flag.

Top 15 Writer WordPress Themes

The following 15 WordPress themes have been selected based on user reviews, design and user experience, developer reputation, revision history, and features.

Whilst a Premium theme is always preferable, there are also some great free themes available that could be a good fit for you as a writer.

1. GeneratePress Article

GeneratePress Article WordPress theme

Let’s kick off this list of writer WordPress themes with my personal favorite theme. GeneratePress is a free theme that comes with a paid plugin called GP Premium.

The theme itself is bare bones, and the plugin allows you to activate the features you want. This setup allows you to keep the theme and your site lightweight.

The premium plugin also gives you access to a library of website templates that you can import into your own WordPress blog. One of these templates is called Article, which is specifically suitable for writers and authors because of its bold yet simplistic design.

Check out my extensive review of GeneratePress to get a better understanding of why I recommend this theme to anyone starting a new WordPress blog.

I do strongly recommend opting for the highly affordable Premium option, which you can purchase as a yearly recurring license fee or as a lifetime license. Either way, you won’t regret choosing GeneratePress + GP Premium because it is widely considered one of the WordPress solutions out there.

When clicking on the below button, search for Article to see a demo of this particular GeneratePress WordPress theme template.

Try GP Article

2. GeneratePress Wordsmith

GeneratePress Wordsmith WordPress theme

Wordsmith is the second GeneratePress website template in this list that is perfectly suitable for writers and authors. Using GeneratePress means you will be running a high quality and lightweight WordPress setup, which will only benefit you in the long term.

The Wordsmith template has a minimal, yet great looking design. It is built using the WordPress block editor complemented by GenerateBlocks, which means you will be able to get your blog up and running quickly and easily.

When clicking on the below button, search for Wordsmith to see a demo of this particular GeneratePress WordPress theme template.

Try GP Wordsmith

3. Astra Author

Astra Author WordPress theme

The Astra theme is similar to GeneratePress in that it allows you to activate and disable features. This keeps your site as lightweight as it can possibly be, without all the bloat of unnecessary bells and whistles.

In addition, just like GeneratePress, Astra offers a great library of templates that you can use for your own site. These templates, plus so many more additional features, are available if you purchase the very affordable Pro version, which I would highly recommend.

As the name suggests, the Author template is a great template for writers and authors. It is particularly suitable for writers who want to promote and sell their books through their website.

When clicking on the below button, search for Author to see a demo of this particular Astra WordPress theme template.

Try Author

4. Astra Bestselling Author

Astra Bestselling Author WordPress theme

Bestselling Author is the second writer and author focussed website template that you can use for your own WordPress website when you purchase Astra Pro.

This template has a similar layout as Astra Author, and allows you to showcase all your books as a professional author. The template is highly customizable with the Astra Pro plugin installed, and also super easy to use and configure. All you need to do is import the template, submit your own books and content, and you’re good to go.

When clicking on the below button, search for Bestselling Author to see a demo of this particular Astra WordPress theme template.

Try Bestselling Author

5. Astra e-Book Author

Astra e-Book Author WordPress theme

The third Astra website template on this list of WordPress themes for writers and authors is called e-Book Author, and as the name suggests this template is suitable for writers who wish to sell their work in the form of e-books in addition to paperbacks and hardcovers.

When clicking on the below button, search for e-Book Author to see a demo of this particular Astra WordPress theme template.

Try e-Book Author

6. Writing

Writing WordPress theme

If you see yourself as a blog writer, then you’d want a theme that’s simple enough to set up even without WordPress experience. From there, it should let you focus on creating content and get your message across without the needless bells and whistles. The Writing WordPress theme fits the bill to a tee.

It has all the features you want from a functional theme. The design adjusts to any device for optimum viewing. Plus, the theme is built according to the latest HTML and CSS standards, which is something the search engines also appreciate.

Try Writing

7. Auteur

Auteur WordPress theme

Auteur is a WordPress theme for writers who wear many hats. It works well whether you’re an author, book distributor, reviewer, or any type of online publisher. Choose from original pre-made layouts to choose on your homepage, blog section, and shop, so you can go straight to making your ideas come to life.

The theme also plays well with premium plugins like WPBakery (so you can use its drag-and-drop builder to create beautiful pages) and Slider Revolution (to present your retina-ready images on compelling slides).

Try Auteur

8. Odrin

Odrin WordPress theme for writers

For writers who want to sell their books online, Odrin is arguably one of the better writer WordPress themes available. Using the theme, single book authors can create a stunning one-pager, while multiple book authors can set up a bookshop so they can feature their books for sale.

You can create beautiful and dynamic preview pages for your books containing teaser pages from your book. The theme also lets you create a coming soon book timer page to build anticipation and hype for your next bestseller. If you have events where you’ll promote your book or hold your workshop, Odrin has got you covered too.

Try Odrin

9. Ink

Ink WordPress theme

As writers, you want to focus more on the words you write instead of the site’s design and layout. The Ink theme puts your words in the spotlight with its minimalist and uncluttered design. You won’t find endless customization options with the Ink writer theme, instead you will get yourself a WordPress website that is ready out of the box.

Also worth mentioning is the theme’s compatibility with the Restrict Content Pro Plugin, which is sold separately and not included with the theme. It allows you to create a membership-based website in which you can give subscribers access to your content for a price. This is a great way to monetize your blog and build a vibrant community of readers who are more than happy to pay for your content.

Try Ink

10. Impose

Impose WordPress theme for writers

WordPress has evolved as a CMS and is now more than just a blogging platform unlike during its early years. Despite this evolution, WordPress is still one of the best platforms for building a readership simply through publishing blog posts.

The Impose Blog theme is testament to this fact. With over 10+ blog layouts to choose from, you present your content at the forefront and leave the unimportant things behind. The theme also has newsletter sign-up and trending posts widgets that you can place on the side and the related posts widget at the bottom of every post to drive more traffic and engagement from your target audience.

Try Impose

11. OM

OM WordPress theme

If you love to tell stories using photographs and images, then the OM theme gives you the voice to say what’s on your mind. The three blog layout options feature your image in each post prominently. This allows your images to do the talking for you and grab the attention of people.

The theme is also compatible with some of the most popular plugins out there, so you can create an even better and more complete website to share ideas through your writer’s blog.

Try OM

12. Writers and Journalists Blog

Writers and Journalists Blog WordPress theme

Writers want to present themselves in the most professional way possible to help shape their brand. With that in mind, the Writers and Journalists Blog theme possesses all the features you need to achieve that goal.

There are three homepage layouts to choose from and install on your site with just a click of a button. You can then edit the layout to fit your style using the Visual Composer WordPress page builder and shortcodes for further customization. Also important to note, the theme also works well with WooCommerce if you’re planning on selling products on your site.

Try Blog

13. The Thinker

The Thinker WordPress theme

Despite its name, The Thinker is a no-brainer if you want a WordPress theme that will do all the work for you. The theme’s secret is its sheer simplicity. For bloggers who want to focus on creating posts for their readers and nothing more, The Thinker provides you the clean layout and beautiful typography so you can get the job done.

You can choose from different page templates that you can use to showcase your posts. Tweak it to your liking to achieve the perfect look and feel you want to have on your WordPress writer’s blog.

Try The Thinker

14. Aspire Pro

Aspire Pro WordPress theme

Aspire Pro is powered by the Genesis Framework, and is a great theme if you want to position yourself as an authority figure like Brian Dean and Neil Patel are. The theme lets you create beautiful pages to help establish your writing chops and your credentials.

Leaning in on its compatibility with other plugins, you can turn visitors into subscribers by featuring a sign-up form on the sidebar. You can also sell info products like e-books and courses to help turn in a profit with the content you create.

Try Aspire Pro

15. Writee

Writee WordPress theme

Rounding out the list of best WordPress themes for writers and authors is a free WordPress theme in this list.

Writee is also one of the most popular of the bunch with over 200+ downloads a day. Perfect for bloggers in the lifestyle, art, photography, and even corporate niches, the theme lets you focus on creating content that your audience would love.

The Writee WordPress theme is as straightforward as a WordPress theme can get, and as a writer that is often all you would want. Writee does offer customization options though, to help you design your blog that speaks to your audience.

Try Writee

Writer Theme Buying Guide

With so many WordPress themes on the market, it’s extremely challenging to find a theme that not only suits your needs but is also easy to install, configure and customize.

For WordPress themes in general, and writer and author WordPress themes specifically, I would focus on the following criteria:


Site speed and Core Web Vitals are organic search ranking factors, which means that your new theme should be lightweight and not be overloaded with bells and whistles that you don’t need and that will only make your site load slow.


For writer and author specific sites, I would say that the look and feel of the website should be simplistic and to the point. All WordPress themes and site templates above are exactly that, so that you can focus on just writing and potentially sell your books.


You new WordPress theme should allow you to easily adjust site settings, such as font size and weight, width of the content and side bar, colors, headers, etc.

E-Commerce Friendly

If you are planning to sell your books or e-books on your new WordPress website, the new theme needs to be able to play well with e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce.


If you’re fairly new to WordPress, you might struggle a bit in the beginning. Therefore, it is important to find a WordPress theme developed by a company that offers ongoing support.

But not only that, the theme should also be continuously updated and improved so that your new website will be running without issues for many years to come.

With all that in mind, I strongly recommend either Astra Pro or GeneratePress + GP Premium, and to choose one of their ready-made website templates.

The support that both of these highly regarded WordPress developers deliver is top notch, and their themes, plugins and templates get updated continuously.


15 Great WordPress themes for writers and authors

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