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How to Migrate Your WordPress Site from HTTP to HTTPS

If you’ve been running a WordPress blog for some time now, you probably know already that HTTPS and SSL are a hot topic. Google has been pushing hard to get all blog owners and webmasters out there to migrate their blogs and websites from HTTP to HTTPS.

As with anything in life, security is a big thing. Having a proper SSL certificate installed and having your domain configured as HTTPS is now officially a search engine ranking factor.

A small one, but even so, it’s something that can help you move up the ladder. Not to mention the fact that your website visitors will feel more comfortable browsing your site and submitting details.

In addition, from October 2017, Google Chrome will display an unpleasant not-secure warning for websites that are not yet switched over to HTTPS and have input fields. Firefox has already been doing this for a while.

Migrating a WordPress blog is not overly complicated. But doing things wrong, or forgetting certain steps can have huge consequences. That’s why I’ve summarized all the steps required to migrate your WordPress site from HTTP to HTTPS without any issues.

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