DreamHost Review (Powerful and Flexible Web Hosting)

DreamHost review

Since first starting out as a blogger and affiliate marketer, I have used several web hosts, such as DreamHost, GoDaddy and Bluehost, and always with mixed results.

A few years ago, I moved the majority of my sites over to DreamHost, initially on a Shared Hosting account, and later upgraded to VPS. I’m glad I did, because I’ve never had any issues since, and these sites are performing great.

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Why You Should Not Use WordPress Tags

WordPress Tags and SEO

WordPress Tags, some love them and others strongly dislike them. Personally, I never use tags. When I started blogging though, I used to create multiple, random tags each time I published a new blog post. And as I got older and wiser, I’ve learnt to step away from using WordPress tags.

And I’m not the only one. Slowly but surely, bloggers and Internet marketers are coming to the conclusion that tags are a bit out of fashion and don’t serve much purpose anymore. And there are certainly no SEO benefits either.

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How to Hide a Pinterest Image in a WordPress Blog Post (The Right Way)

How to hide a Pinterest image in a WordPress blog post

Pinterest is one of the most powerful traffic generating sources for bloggers and Internet marketers. While organic traffic from the search engines is still the best kind of traffic, one can’t ignore the potential of Pinterest as a traffic source.

The main prerequisite to be successful on Pinterest is using purpose-built images. You know, those big vertical images with catchy taglines. To encourage your website visitors to share your blog posts on Pinterest, having a Pinterest-ready image available to share is crucial.

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How to Migrate Your WordPress Site from HTTP to HTTPS

Migrate WordPress site from HTTP to HTTPS

If you’ve been running a WordPress blog for some time now, you probably know already that HTTPS and SSL are a hot topic. Google has been pushing hard to get all blog owners and webmasters out there to migrate their blogs and websites from HTTP to HTTPS.

As with anything in life, security is a big thing. Having a proper SSL certificate installed and having your domain configured as HTTPS is now officially a search engine ranking factor.

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